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B O O K S   I N   B U L G A R I A N
No.AuthorTitle Year  pages  cover 
1.Angelov, P..  Bulgaria i bulgarite v predstavite na vizantiicite.

The book gives an idea how truly the Byzantines represents Bulgaria and the Bulgarians.

1999 290paper
2.Apostolov, A.  Vlast i makiavelizam

This monography is a succesful attempt to analyse the Machiavellism and its interrelation with the totalitarianism and the liberal experience for alternative.

1999 277paper
3.Argatski, V.   Voennata istoria na Bulgaria 681-1945.

Main problems such as ways of recruitment,organization, commanding,armament and training are treated in this book.The matters covered are from the sphere of strategy,war art and tactics.

1999 250paper
4.Atanasov, L.   Hton.

A novel by L.Atanasov.

1999 200paper
5.Asherson, N.  Chernoto more.

Historical data about the Black Sea and the flourishing cultures around it during the centuries.

6.Bol, M.   Studenata voina na Balkanite.

Scientific research of the American historic writer M.Bol on the arising of communism in Bulgaria and the other Balkan contries for the period 1943-1947.

1999 180paper
7.Bochev, S.   Troiniat portret na Maria Magdalena.

Philosophical novel reflecting the period of socialism in the 60-s in Bulgaria.

1999 241paper
8.Burilkov,V. Macedonia i Odrinsko (1908 - 1912).

In this book the early stage of the Turkish revolution are described by the special correspondent of "Dnevnik"newspaper Dr.Vladimir Burilkov.Being an active partisipant in the wars for liberation and unification of the Bulgarian people in the period 1912-1918 he reveals very interesting facts connected with the revolution,with Bulgaria's independence and the setting up of the various political parties during that period.

9.Burov, S.. Bulgarski ezik za chujdentzi.

An useful book for who wants to study Bulgarian language.

1999 450paper
10.Vazov, I. Razkazi i patepisi.

Collected stories by the famous Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov.

1999 150paper
11.Veliksin, D. Sachinenia.

The whole poetic heritage of the poet Dimitar Veleksin is included In the book.

1999 410paper
12.Geogieva, Cv. Bulgarska mitologichna proza.

The author creates a book which is full of analyses for the past Bulgarian fiction.

1999 190paper
13.Gechev, St. Golgotata na Varvara.

Plays by Stephan Gechev.

1999 470paper
14.Gospodinov, G. Estestven roman.

Contemporary Bulgarian novel.

1999 100paper
15.Gruev,D. Spomeni, korespondentzia.

Memories,letters and correspondance by and about the great Bulgarian revolutionary Dame Gruev-a famous functionary for the liberation of Macedonia at the end of the 19-th century,murdered in 1906.

1999 318paper
16.Damianov, D. Oshte sam jiv.

Collection of the latest poems by the great contemporary Bulgarian poet Damian Damianov.

1999 120paper
17.Daskalov, D. Politicheskite ubiistva v novata istoria na Bulgaria.

There are many political personalities in the history of Bulgaria after The Liberation who were very contradictory:loved by ones and hated by the others.This book is a thorough investigation of the political assassinations.

1999 270paper
18.Daskalova, K. Gramotnost, knjnina, chitateli,chetene v Bulgaria na prehoda kam modernoto vreme.

Investigation of the level of literacy,attitude to books and reading habits of the Bulgarian society in the 19-th century and the beginning of 20-th century.

1999 230paper
19.Dimitrov, S. Istoria na balkanskite narodi vol 2.

Summarised view on the development,history and interaction among the Balkan countries is revealed in this book.

1999 430 paper
20.Dimov, D. Osadeni dushi.

One of the classical novel in Bulgarian literature which describes Spain during the Civil War in 1936-one world of the light and darkness,love and hatred.The war between the two main characters is doomed from the very beginning.

1999 300 paper
21.Dobrev, P.. Bulgarskite ognishta na civilizacia na kartata na Evrazia.

The author Petar Dobrev rejects the thesis that proto-Bulgarians were backwordly developed people.Looking into many historical sourses he cames to the conclusion that many other people in Asia originated from proto-Bulgarians.

1999 260paper
22.Doinov, I. Bulgarskiat tantos. Smartta v bulgarskata poezia

Antology of death in Bulgarian poetic heritage.

1999 353paper
23.Elenkov, I. Nova publitzisitichnost. Bulgarski debati 1998.

This book is a review and analyses of Bulgarian publicism in 1998.

1999 293paper
24. Zahariaeva, L. Megalitni arhitekturni pametnici v Bulgaria i v drugite strani.

The principles of architecture analyses are presented here and a new interpretation of the Tracian origin of megalite architecture is offered.

1999 80paper
25.Zlatanova, R. Starobalgarskiat prevod na stariat zavet.

The oldest and most important Bulgarian script dating from the 14-th century which is kept in St.Peterburg at present comprises the main part of the book.Parts from the Old Testament translation done by the Slavonic teachers St.St.Cyril and Methodius and their students are neatly preserved in it.

26.Zlatarski, V. Lektzionni kursove na prof. Vasil Zaltarski vol. 1.

Volume 1 of the great Bulgarian historic writer Vasil Zlatarski contains his lectures on history covering the period from pre-historic time to the falling of The First Bulgarian Kingdom under Byzantine yoke.

1999 535paper
27.Ivankov, M. Za poeziata v nova Bulgaria.

The author describes Bulgarian poetry until the biginnig of 20-th century.

1999 200paper
28.Ivanov, M. Sabrani sachinenia.

Collected works by the satirist M.Ivanov.

1999 655hard
29.Ivanov, R. Dolnodunavskata otbranitelna sistema mejdu Dortikum i Durostorum ot Avgust do Mavricii.

A book about the defence system along the lower Danube between Dorticum and Dorostorum from August to Mauricius.

1999 362paper
30.Iliev, S. Literaturni ochertzi vol. 1.

Works by Ivan Vazov,Pencho Slaveikov,Kiril Hristov,Peiyo Iavorov, and Teodor Traianov are presented in this volume 1.

1999 255paper
31.Iliev, S. Literaturni ochertzi vol. 2.

Works by Luydmil Stoianov,Hristo Iasenov,Dimcho Debelianov, Nikolai Liliev and Geo Milev are presented in this volume 2.

1999 225paper
32.Ilieva, K. Bulgarski poslovitzi i gatanki.

This book comprises the best Bulgarian proverbs and riddles.

1999 150paper
33.Iovkov, I. Razkazi.

The book presents ones of the best short stories by the great Bulgarian writer Iordan Iovkov.Among them "Shibil","Indzhe","Albena" etc.

1999 145paper
34.Iordanov, N. Ranni stihove.

Poems by contemporary Bulgarian poet Hedialko Iordanov.

1999 150paper
35.Iosifov, K. Totalitarizmat v bulgarskoto selo.

The author tells about the sad reality in Bulgarian agriculture during communist rule after 1944.

1999 160paper
36.Kelian, M. Iaponia i Bulgaria.

The aim of the book is to give us a sociological analisis of Japanese and Bulgarian middle

1999 246paper
37.Kirkova, M. Ognena diria.

This book comprises some short stories about the Bulgarian fighters against Turkish slavery.Among them Vasil Levski,Hristo Botev, Georgi Sava Racovski etc.

1999 210paper
38.Kolev, T. Varnenskoto sofianche ot Shumen.

An autobiography from the great contemporary Bulgarian artist Todor Kolev.

1999 300paper
39.Konstantinov, A. Bai Ganio.

This book comprises some travel notes and feuilletons by the famous Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov.Among them "Bai Ganio", "Do Chocago I nazad" etc.

1999 580hard
40.Konstantinov, G. Darvo i ptica.

Poetry by contemporary Bulgarian writer Georgi Konstantinov. Bulgarian and English text.

1999 97paper
41.Konstantinov, G. Liavata raka na boga.

Sellected works by contemporary Bulgarian poet Georgi Konstantinov.

1999 290hard
42.Krasteva-Blagoeva, E. Lichnoto ime v bulgarskata traditzia.

The author tells about what first name means for Bulgarians,how they choose it.

1999 160paper
43.Kulekov, I. Istoria na Bolgaria

Some humorous short stories referring to Bulgarian history are presented in this book.

1999 220paper
44.Co. 120 godini Narodno Sabranie.

A luxurious colourful album dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the Bulgarian National Assembly.Bulgarian and English text.

1999 195hard
45.Co. Aktualni problemi na bulgarskoto slovoobrazuvane.

A book about the problems of Bulgarian literature,dialectic and word-building.

1999 320paper
46.Co. Atentatat. Karvaviat veliki chetvartak.

A phototype edition which represents one of the most bloody terrorist acts in the world history-April,16/1925 in Sofia.

1999 160paper
47.Co. BZNS po vreme na pravitelstvoto na Al. Stamboliiski (1923 - 1925).

Bulgarian Agricultural Union is one of the basic political parties in Bulgaria.The rule of Bulgaria from its leader Alexander Stamboliiski is one of the most difficult period in the history of the Union.

1999 230paper
48.Co. Bulgarskiat ezik i literatura.

This book describes the works of some Bulgarian authors as well as some special features of Bulgarian language.

1999 65paper
49.Co. Zahari Stoyanov - redaktor i izdatel.

Zahari Stoyanov is one of the most famous Bulgarian writers from the end of 19-th century.This book contains a sellection of his letter as an author,editor and publisher.

1999 175paper
50.Co. Istoria na Bulgaria vol 8.

This volume covers the period from 1903 to 1918 of Bulgarian history as well as Bulgarian cultural development from 1878 to 1918. This is a luxurious album containig many photos,illustrations as well as photocopies of some valuable documents for these periods of time.

1999 500hard
51.Co. Istoria na bulgarskia ezik.

This book describes the historical development of Bulgarian language- written and spoken.This is the first successful attempt to be presented and explained the processes of the changes and trends of Bulgarian language.

1999 380paper
52.Co. Nai-hubavite bulgarski narodni prikazki.

This collection contains the best Bulgarian folk tales.

53.Co. Obuchenieto po istoria v novite uslovia.

Materials from two national conferances concerning history held in February and April 1999 are presented in this book. This is a useful edition designed for those who are going to issue textbooks of history.

1999 150paper
54.Co. Obshtoto i specifichnoto v balkanskite narodi do kraia na XIX vek.

This book contains passages by some authors from Bulgaria, France,Romania and England concerning historical problems of the Balkan countries.

1999 330paper
55.Co. Periodika i literatura 1918-1920 vol. 5.

This book describes the newspapers and literary magazines in Bulgaria for the period 1918-1920.

1999 500hard
56.Leonidov, R. Klasicheski parcheta.

Poetry by R.Leonidov.

1999 80paper
57.Lulchev, L. Blagoslovenie.

A novel by Luybomir Lulchev.He was an adviser of the latest Bulgarian King-Boris III during 30-s and 40-s of 20-th century. The author tells about some of the meetings between King Boris III and Petar Danov.

1999 316paper
58.Mlainova, L. Bulgarskite poetesi mejdu dvete svetovni voini.

Analyses of the Bulgarian poetry between the two world wars.Special attention is paid on the works by Elisaveta Bagriana,Dora Gabe, Vesela Vasileva,Magda Petkanova etc.

1999 268paper
59.Manolova, N. Bulgarskite intelektualci za prehoda i za sebe si.

This book presents some valuation for Bulgarian transition given by some famous Bulgarian intellectuals.

1999 315paper
60.Matev, P. Liubov - magicheska realnost.

Poetry by the contemporary Bulgarian poet Pavel Matev.

1999 110paper
61.Metodiev,V. Ministerskiat savet v Bulgaria. Nachaloto 1879 - 1886.

A book about the beginning of parliamentarism in Bulgaria after the Liberation of Turkish slavery in 1878.The author covers the period from 1879 to 1886.

1999 248paper
62.Mitev, I. Istoria na Aprilskoto vastanie 1876 vol. 3.

In this volume are presented the results of the April uprising against Turkish slavery in 1876.

1999 460hard
63.Monev, D. Katalog na bulgarskite poshtenski marki.

This is a catalogue of Bulgarian stamps issued from 1879 to 1999.

1999 251paper
64.Mutavchiev, P. Dobrudja v minaloto. Bulgari i rumani.

A book about the history of North-East of Bulgaria from the Liberation of Bulgaria(1878)to 30-s of 20 century.

1999 250paper
65.Mutavciev, P. Iztok i zapad v evropeiscoto srednovekovie.

Valuable analyses for the period of Middle Ages by the famous Bulgarian historian Prof.Petar Mutafchiev.

1999 370paper
66.Mutavchieva, V. Sluchaiat Djem.

A novel by Vera Mutafchieva about Turkish sultan Jem.He is forgoten at the present but he was famous in the past.

1999 504paper
67.Nenov, N. Bulgarska haidushka epika.

This book presents Bulgarian haidouk songs from the period of the Renaissance.

1999 150paper
68.Nikolova, V. Poradi trakiiskia orfizam.

This is an analysis of Tracian culture and habits.

1999 180paper
69.Nisim, G. Chovekat, koito spria Hitler.

A book about the famous Bulgarian politician and jurist Dimitar Peshev.He was vice-President of Bulgarian National Assembly during World War II.He plays the main role of the rescuing of Bulgarian Jews.

1999 504paper
70.Popovich, I. Pravoslavieto kato filosofia na jivota.

A book about Christian philosophy for progress,society,values and education.The author is a Serbian who wrote the book 50 years ago but it is so topical today.

1999 122hard
71.Perov, I. Izbrano.

Sellected works by the famous Bulgarian poet Iosif Petrov written during 70 years.

1999 250paper
72.Petkov, L. Zeleni krastove.

This book contains 3 short novels about Bulgarian countryman after the period of the Liberation from Turkish slavery in 1878.

1999 290paper
73.Radichkov, Io. Avtostradata - sabrani razkazi ot avtora.

Collected works by one of the most famous Bulgarian writer today- Iordan Radichkov.

1999 420paper
74.Radonova, D. Fenomenite na Strandja.

This book presents the habits,traditions and rite for the region of Strandja mountain in Bulgaria.

1999 150paper
75.Ralin, R. Ako izkukurigam, kogo shte sabudia?

Radoi Ralin is one of the most famous Bulgarian satirist.His poems concerning the events and people from 1988 to 1998 are presented in this book.

1999 50paper
76.Rachki, F. Istoria na Bulgaria.

This book was written by Croatian historian Franio Rachki in the 60-s of 19-th century.This is the first edition about Bulgarian history for the period of Middle Ages by non-Bulgarian author.

1999 250paper
77.Rusinov, R. Istoria na novobulgarskia knijoven ezik.

The author studys the prcesses of development of Bulgarian literary language from 18-th century untill now

1999 520paper
78.Sandrev, I. Iordan Iovkov - jiznen i tvorcheski pat (1880 - 1937).

The author tells about the life and works of the great Bulgarian writer Iordan Iovkov(1880-1937).

1999 460paper
79.Spasov, L. Vrangelovata armia v Bulgaria.

This is a book about the army of General Vrangel in Bulgaria in the beginning of 20-s of 20-th century.That was a part of Russian emigration leading by General Vrangel.The role and attitude of Bulgarian government and its Prime-Minister Alexander Stamboliiski is presented as well.

1999 235paper
80.Spasova, M. Slojnite dumi v sachineniata na Grigorii Cambalak.

The author studys the complex words in the works by Bulgarian writer Grigorii Camblak.He lived during the period of the Middle Ages.

1999 170paper
81.Stancheva, M. Sofia v otdavna minalo vreme.

This is a book about the history and development of Bulgarian capital-Sofia.

1999 160paper
82.Stoynov, K. Obshtesvenite promeni (1989 - 1996).

The aim of this book is to presents the language and style of the most popular Bulgarian newspapers as "Trud","24 chasa"etc.for the period 1989-1996.

1999 320paper
83.Stoynov, S. Gramatika na bulgarskia knijoven ezik.

The author studys the grammar of Bulgarian language.

1999 600paper
84.Stoynov, H. Skritiat jivot na edna pomakinia.

The base of this novel is a real event.The author proves that Bulgarian people are living in the region of Rodops in Bulgaria.

1999 100paper
85.Stoynov, Tz. Izbrano i nepublikuvano.

Collection of essais by Tz.Stoyanov.

1999 410paper
86.Sugarev, R. Litze na ugodnik.

A novel by the contemporary Bulgarian writer Rashko Sugarev.

1999 360paper
87.Tabakov, D. Horizontat na poznaniata. Bulgarite prez vekovete.

A book about the movement of proto-Bulgarians towards today's frontiers of Bulgaria.This is the period before establishing the state in 681.

1999 290paper
88.Taseva, L. Bulgarskata toponimia ot grutzki i srubski dokumenti.

The book represents Bulgarian toponymy in Greec and Serbian documents from 12-th to 15-th century.Some areas such as political and economic history of the Balkan states during the Middle Ages, diplomacy and historiography are treated as well.

1999 300paper
89.Teodorov, E. Drevno trakiisko nasledstvo v bulgarskia folklor.

The author studys the acient Tracian mythology.He reveals the interaction between that mythology and Bulgarian folklor.E.Teodorov also proves that Tracian ethnography exists in the present Bulgarian customs.Special attention is paid to Gergiovden(St.George's day).

1999 290paper
90.Tikanov, G. Janrovoto saznanie na kraga "Misal".

A book about the literary circle"Misal" which represents the modernism in Bulgarian literature in the end of 19-th and the beginning of 20-th century.

1999 296paper
91.Todev, I. Kam drugo minalo.

Some interesting historical topics such as the April uprising and the Macedonian question are presented in this book.

1999 254paper
92.Topalov, K. Vazrojdentzi.

A book about some famous writers and poets from the period of the Renaissance:Hristo Botev,Ivan Vazov,Petko Rachov Slaveikov etc.

1999 416paper
93.Totev, T. Preslavska knijovna shcola vol. 4.

The author tells about the Preslav literary school from the period of the Middle Ages.

1999 190paper
94.Traikov, B. Prevratat -10 Noemvri 1989.

This book represents some interesting facts about November,10/1989 when Bulgarian Communist Party managed to dethrone its leader Todor Jivkov who governed Bulgaria during 35 years.

1999 174paper
95.Haitov, N. Divi razkazi. Shumki ot gabar.

The book contains short stories by the famous Bulgarian writer Nikolai Haitov.

1999 620paper
96.Hristov, K. Vreme i savremennitzi vol. 1.

The author of this book is the great Bulgarian writer Kiril Hristov. He discribes the literary life in Bulgaria in the end of 19-th and in the beginning of 20-th century.

1999 430paper
97.Hristov, K. Vreme i savremennitzi vol. 2.

The author of this book is the great Bulgarian writer Kiril Hristov. He describes the literary life in Bulgaria in the end of 19-th and in the beginning of 20-th century.

1999 550paper
98.Hristov, H. Sekretnoto delo za lagerite.

This author tells about the secret civil trial concerning concentration camps during communist rule in Bulgaria.Some interesting original documents are presented as well.

1999 177paper
99.Tzanev, St. Djudjeto i sedemte snejanki. Nai-chudnoto chudo.

Plays by contemporary Bulgarian playwriter Stefan Tzanev.

1999 80hard
100.Tzanev, St. Duhat na bashta mi. Ritzariat na pechalnia obraz.

A short novel and a poem by Stefan Tzanev.

1999 100hard
101.Tzanev, St. Ianini pritchi. Anini prikazki.

A play and a poem by Stefan Tzanev.

1999 70hard
102.Tzvetkov, P. Koburgite i Evropa.

The author Plamen Tzvetkov tells about one of the most famous and aristocratic families in Europe-Sacs-Koburgot.

1999 210paper
103.Cholov, P. Bulgarski istorici.Biografichno-bibliograficheski spravochnik.

A reference book about tha achivements of Bulgarian historians during 250 years.There are many names,dates and works of people dealing with this field.

1999 375paper
104.Shishmanov, D. Stranni hora.

Some short stories by Dimitar Ivanov Shishmanov issued from 1919 to 1942.The author describes the life in Bulgaria in the beginning of 20-th century.

1999 440paper

B O O K S   I N   E N G L I S H
No.AuthorTitle Year  pages  cover 
105.Co. 120 years National Assembly 1879 - 1999.

A luxurious colourful album dedicated to the 120-th Anniversary of the Bulgarian National Assembly.English and Bulgarian text.

1999 195hard
106.Dimitrov, B. Bulgaria - crossroads of civilizations.

What the Bulgarians are proud of is that for millennia all major European cultures to which modern civilizations is to be attributed flourished in what is now Bulgaria before and when they settled here.This luxurious colourful album is about this past that in Europe can compare with the history of the Greec and Italian lands.

1999 93hard
107.Genov, N. Bulgaria - 1960 - 1995 - trends of social development.

Bulgarian society is going through a profound transformation.There are two major ways to describe and explain its conditioins,course and results.Global and regional trends is the first one.The second one is continuities and discontinuities of the national path of historical development.the major goal of this book is to search for relevant descriptions and explanations of trends in Bulgarian society as mainly determined by domestic factors.

1999 500paper

B O O K S   I N   G E R M A N
No.AuthorTitle Year  pages  cover 
108.Co.   Osterreich, osterreich-ungarn und die entwicklung der bulgarishen eliten 1815-1918.

1999 120paper

No.AuthorTitle Year  pages  cover 
109.Balkandjieva, B. English-Bulgarian law dictionary.

It comprises 40.000 entries in the area of the law as well as in the fields of diplomacy,trade and finances.

1999 640hard
110.Co. English-Bulgarian phrasebook.

A useful edition designed for those who are interested in learning Bulgarian.

1999 166paper
111.Co. Bulgarian-English phrasebook.

A useful edition designed for those who are interested in learning Bulgarian.

1999 380paper
112.Co. Bulgarian-English dictionary.

More than 90.000 entries of words and phrases.

1999 1100hard
113.Co. Bulgarian-German phrasebook.

A useful edition designed for those who are intersted in learning Bulgarian.

1999 290paper
114.Co. Bulgarski entziklopedichen rechnik.

This unique Bulgarian encyclopedia contains more than 75.000 articles with 80 colourful applications.

1999 1330hard
115.Co. Greek-Bulgarian dictionary.

It contains more than 70.000 entries of words.

1999 1080hard
116.Co. German-Bulgarian dictionary with the new spelling.

More than 30.000 entries of words.

1999 520hard
117.Co. Rechnik na chujdite dumi.

This dictionary of foreign words contains more than 40.000 entries.

1999 945hard
118.Co. Rechnik na chujdite dumi v Bulgaria.

This dictionary of foreign words contains more than 30.000 entries.

1999 250hard
119.Co. Sinonimen rechnik na bulgarskia ezik.

Dictionary of synonyms in Bulgarian.

1999 1120hard
120.Co. Spanish - Bulgarian dictionary.

More than 55.000 entries.

1999 500hard
121.Co. Talkoven rechnik na bulgarskia ezik.

Uni-lingual Bulgarian dictionary.

1999 1100paper
122.Co. Freektiven rechnik na bulgarskia poetichen knijoven ezik.

The aim of this book is to define Bulgarian language in the poetry as well as in Bulgarian folklore from the Renaissance to the present day.

1999 208paper
123.Co. Juridicheski rechnik.

Law dictionary in Bulgarian.

1999 435hard
124.Danov, H. English-Bulgarian law dictionary.

1999 462hard
125.Manolova, L. Rechnik na lingvistichnite dumi v Bulgaria.

Linguistics reference book designed for those who are interested in Bulgarian linguistic.

1999 260paper
126.Mochurov, A. Rechnik na rimite v bulgarskia ezik.

This dictionary is designed for those who are interested in the riches of Bulgarian language.

1999 445paper
127.Petkova, S. Dutch-Bulgarian/Bulgarian-Dutch dictionary.

This dictionary contains 20.000 entries in Bulgarian and Dutch.

1999 290hard
128.Tzvetkova, L. Rechnik na trudnostite v bulgarskia ezik.

This unique dictionary is about the latest tendency of the development of Bulgarian language.It refers to the spelling, punctuation,orthoepy,grammar and stylistics in Bulgarian.

129.Chakalov, G. English-Bulgarian dictionary.

A new edition which contains more than 70.000 entries.

1999 124hard
130.Chakalov, G. New Bulgarian-English dictionary-common and polytechnical in 2 volumes.

This new dictionary contains two parts: common and polytechnical.

1999 1280hard